Connect to booking channel

I wonder if it’s possible that instead of someone clicking on one of the tours and being redirected to the calendar that comes with the theme, I would like to be instead redirected to the booking engine I have signed up for (Bokun). I would like the products that I have on Bokun to replace the ones that have come with the theme. This is to make easier for clients to book the tour. Can some one help me on this?

Hello, yes it is possible.

Appearance > Entrada WooCommerce > Book Now Button Settings is for over-writing all “BOOK NOW” buttons to the specific / single URL. If you leave that empty, and then create your products, variable products will be showing the dates and prices tab, and instead of “simple” products, you can create “External / Affiliate Product” where you can specify the URL on per product basis.

Please let me know if I can clarify it any further.