Default theme product H1 TITLE issue

Default theme

Modern Theme

How to fix that? (Since I want to use the default theme).


The default theme should come as shown below without any issues:

However, if you keep zooming in to the site with COMMAND ++++ then it will come to a point as shown in your screenshot. If you do COMMAND + 0, it will revert back to normal resolution and show as per my screenshot.

Please let me know.

when I browse your default theme online it shows like that. (I never zoomed)

Same happens on my website with default child theme.

The little difference it’s due to safari or firefox browsing. ( I NEVER zoomed - these are cmd +0, standard automatic view)
So my question is:
How Can I 'move it downward" to get it like modern theme version?

Super Thanks

Hello, I have tried it on several browsers / machine and am unable to replicate this. Also, I have not had this issue mentioned by any other users in particular since this version is released. I have even tested with Can you please try different machine and let me know as well. Thx.

Yes I tried to 6machine and I have the same cut H1, but only for the default theme version.
Where can I go ( or say it to my developer), to “move” downward the position of the product titles in default version?

Your developer should know already. If he doesn’t, tell him to copy/paste it in your custom css:

@media only screen and (min-width: 768px) {
.trip-info .text-col .holder {
margin-top: 52px;

Given above example, you will be able to adjust it with min/max media width and required margin.

This is exactly what we need.
Super thanks.

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