How to Add Custom Font Icons

You can add custom font icons that you can generate from

If you would like to keep the entrada icons, it is recommended that you import the entrada icon fonts first inside icomoon. You will need to import the wp-content >> themes >> entrada >> fonts >> icomoon >> entrada-icomoon.json file first, and then import your own icons json file. After that, you can select all icons and Click on Generate Font in icomoon app.

Please follow these steps after you have generated your font icons from :

Step 1: Upload font-icon folder inside child theme folder entrada-child (eg. wp-content/themes/entrada-child/custom-icomoon) where “custom-icomoon” is the folder you downloaded from icomoon and unzipped it, and renamed the folder to custom-icomoon.

Step 2: Add relative path of font-icon’s style.css file via customizer: Appearances -> Customize -> Typography -> Custom Font Icons. This should be like


Step 3: Go to admin and then Addons -> Custom Icons and your custom icon classes can be added here. You will find your custom icon classes inside the folder you downloaded from icomoon >> style.css file.

After that you can use these icons in your categories, tags, taxonomies etc.

If you don’t see your icons after this, please ensure that there are no name conflicts with the icons already included with the theme.

Thank You