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I have installed Emprise Theme for my website and its required plugins but its not working properly and when contacted the host they asked me to contact the theme or plugin provider . Actually i think Emprise Elementor Extensions plugin Version 1.0.7 | By [Railar] is causing some issues like (version)theme alinment issues etc… and some blocks are not structured.

Hello, I have replied again via PM, please check and respond so we can resolve this for you asap. Thank you.

Please DO NOT share your FTP and other login details here. I have sent you a PM, you should be responding there instead with the details. Else please just email it to us at

Thank you

Hi is there anyone here ?
it’s really urgent please do help to resolve this error asap.

Hello, I had a look at your site in detail. And this is something you will need to speak to GoDaddy about. They are blocking the script from swiper JS causing this issue. Please see the attached screenshot:

Also, GoDaddy is not really ideal for WordPress websites. I would highly recommend switching to Hostinger or hostgator or any other hosting than Godaddy for WordPress.

Please let me know once they have fixed that issue by allowing access to the script, and if you need hep with anything else.

Thank you

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this is what godaddy replies
is there any java based code issued to install swiper js


now i’m not able to activate Emprise Theme Addons .
this is what i’m getting

Constant EMPA_VERSION already defined in /var/www/wp-content/plugins/emprise-theme-addons/emprise-theme-addons.php on line 18

No, there is no java based code. Only JavaScript.


We have gone through this thoroughly and this is 100% specific to only your wordpress install and GoDaddy. I have messaged them as well and awaiting their response.

You can check cause of this error for yourself here as well: Understanding and Resolving CORS Error

CORS is implemented on the server-side; it cannot be reconfigured on the client-side. The CORS behavior, commonly termed as CORS error, is a mechanism to restrict users from accessing shared resources.
This is not an error but a security measure to secure users or the website which you are accessing from a potential security breach.
This breach may occur due to incomplete or improper HTTP headers on the client-side implementation

Basically, there is nothing that can be edited on the theme to fix this, but it will need to be configured on your server, and your webhost must help you with that.

Just in case, you would prefer to try using another theme, please let me know and I will make a full refund for you.

Awaiting your response.