Slide revolution on modern theme, permanently links to a fixed link

as subject and as file attached, slider revolution, doesnt matter what you write on the editor under “action”, always points to this link highlighted in red (and is a 404 of course).

Someone can help?

Hello, can you please provide your slider revolution version and also the exact problem you are facing? The screenshot doesn’t explain the issue. Thank you.

The slide show - clicking that link takes you to:

However, the actual link in my case should be:

Whatever you write and save on the link, it will always link to …/entrada-modern/destination/europe/italy/ creating a 404 page not found.
Even if you save as link. Any website you save.

My slider rev status is


Hi, you can add relative path or full URL on hover element as shown below:

It’s relative to your domain.

My editor is very different (or my mistake in understanding).

How can I get to an editor like yours?


how Can I get to an editor like yours?

Hello, that is actions, as shown here: Layer Actions - Slider Revolution

Thanks but your answer is not really answering.
My editor is like that

I mean, I can change the link. but I was wandering why the editor is different.

The editor is different because they are of different versions. Please feel free to ask if I can clarify further.