Switch to Emprise theme from Entrada

Hi Sanjeev,

I have display issues with Entrada latest and I am interested in to switching to Emprise.

Question 1: when will Empress will be released?
Question 2: how seamless is the migration from Entrada to Empress?


Hello @panograph

Thank you for your interest in Emprise. We have been working really hard to get it to release, and I am glad to say that finally it is completed, and will be released this week. I will send you the link once it goes live.

Entrada theme was developed back in 2015/16 as you are aware, and also, Emprise has a lot of features that Entrada doesn’t, so I wont say that it will be a point and click switch.

However, since you have been a long time user of Entrada, I will be happy to support you in moving everything over as seamlessly as possible. You can do so by creating a staging site, where I can help you migrate the content and then once ready, you can point the domain to it.

You can view the emprise theme here: Tour Booking WordPress Theme and if you have any questions, I will be happy to help.

Also, huge apologies for such late responses. I had to put all my focus on Emprise in recent months…

Best Regards


OK, thanks. I look forward to it.