Top header moved (social login)


I’m using the Nextend Social Login and Register plugin, but I have a problem with the top header:

When I log in with a social media account, the top header moves (as you can see in images below). But this not happen if I log in with WooCommerce account.

Logged with social media plugin:
Logged with WooCommerce account:
Normal view:

I tried with another plugin and it happens also. Then, I asked for the official plugin support and they say is a theme problem. So, I hope you can help me.

Thank you very much!

Hello, when it comes to third party plugins, they always say “theme” problem. If you could ask what problem with theme, they will not be able to point anything. It’s unfortunate but thats they way it is. However, not all themes / plugins are developed to work with each other, and we have not tested this plugin nor officially support that plugin with the theme. You will need to have plugin customized to work with the theme and you can use theme/plugin customization services like Envato studio for it. I can always help with the theme issues here but customizations aren’t provided for theme or third party plugins. Thank you.