Add Icons to Custom Tags

I would like to use the existing theme icons with additional product tags.

For example, “Bird Watching”, I would like to use the included binoculars icon.

Or “Mamals” use the included panda icon.

There is a “Set Icon” option for Categories, but not for tags.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


You set the tags per product by adding the icon name from available icons under the box labelled “Product Tag” as shown in the screenshot below.

Thank you

Thank you for your reply.

My concern is, if I want to use the binocular icon, for example, when someone hovers over the icon - it will just say “binocular”. Is there a way to change that so that it can say “bird watching”, or something similar?

Related to Christopher’s question, if we create a new product tag, how can we apply a new and corresponding icon to go with it?

Can we please get an answer to Nick and Christopher? I want to add new tags and have some of the icons you have

If I am not wrong, you should name your chosen binoculars icon as birdwatching and then add a tag named the same, birdwatching, with slug birdwatching as well.
Correct Waituk?

But, can 2 tags get the same icon?
For example: Scuba Diving and Freediving?

No, they have to be unique. Thank you for insight about icon naming… for your specific sites, you can also rename them in the backend.