Add-ons don't show up on the e-mail

I have introduced Add-ons in some tours. It shows in the checkout, but on the email sent to me (seller) and to the customer, the add-ons don’t appear.
Also, when I go to bookings, it doesn’t show up.
As the customer can choose between several add-ons for the same product, I know he paid something more than the product itself, but there is no way to know which ones. How can I fix it, please? Thank you

Hello luxmadeira9020349,

Apologies for late response.

The addons sharges are shown during the checkout,

Then they are also shown after the order in customer order details.

And for the site admin in backend under Woocommerce > Orders

From the last screenshot, you can clearly see that you have Addons Title and under that, specific addon items and their specific charges like “Breakfast and lunch” etc. that that specific user selected during the checkout.

This is all that is available for the Addons as it meets both buyer and site admin needs to view the addon details. If you mean something else, please feel free to ask.

Thank you