Adding Gallery to category pages

Hi Sanjeev,

For the category pages , can I have heading as “GALLERY” for the highlighted section below and have images below it.

Hello Roshni, the category page listing block is dynamically generated block to show the tours assigned with specific category. So replacing this with gallery is not an available feature and will require code customization beyond scope of support.

However, if you just wanted to add a gallery, you can do that right under the text description of category, by inserting the VC Shortcode of your gallery. Please let me know if you wish to do that and need any further clarification / guidance on that. Thank you.

Hi Sanjeev,

How can I add the gallery by VC shortcode? Could u please help me with that?

Also can I remove the line marked in below ?

Hello Roshni, its really simple and straight forward. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to WP Dashboard and create a new page and call it something like “Beach Gallery”.

  2. Now, in Visual Composer, click on “Add Element” and then select “Image Gallery”.

  3. Add your images from Media Library and then adjust settings as shown in the attached screenshot.

  4. Now “Save Changes” and click on Classic Mode.

  5. Copy the VC shortcode that you see here and then go to Product >> Category and edit your category.

  6. Hit “Enter” on keyboard 3 or 4 times and then Paste the shortcode here.

This will show your gallery in pretty photo.

Thank you

Thank you Sanjeev for your help !