Adding Testimonial Block to a Page

I am trying to create a new page to house customer testimonials.

I have followed the instructions in the documentation. Added Post Grid Element. And then did the following:

Select the data source to testimonial. Select the display style to testimonial.

Unfortunately, it did not work. It does not format correctly and it does not auto-rotate through the testimonials.

Test Page link is:

Can you please assist?

Thank you,


It appears you are missing a class in your WPBakery row settings, please add the class testimonial where it says “extra classes” and should display properly. You can reference the home page “testimonial” sections row settings as well.

Thank you

I have added the class “testimonial” under Row Settings for that block, and it appears to still not work.

For some reason, I do not have that particular home page loaded in my demo data on the site - I have all of the others, but not one with the testimonial block. Would it be possible for you to share a screen shot of what that element’s entries should be?

Here is what I have:

Under General:

Under Entrada Additions:

Thank you!

This issue has not been resolved. Should I open a support ticket, as I have followed the provided instructions and it does not work?

Thank you.


Unless there really is a bug in the theme itself, there will be no point in “Reporting a bug”. Instead, can you check the screenshot below, and share the screenshot of your settings in the post grid, same as the screenshot below?


Here is the screen shot - it appears to match yours.


In your row settings, you have couple of issues:

  1. the class

  2. content position

Please see screenshots below:

Thank you

You Rock!!! Thank you! Not having that original home page made it difficult to know the syntax for the class name.

It’s perfect! Thank you!

Thank you!

(In retrospect, that is a lot of thank you’s… They are all deserved!)