Testimonial and call for action issues

I tried to re-do a testimonial with exacting all the setting of the home, but the 3 testimonials are in the same column and I dont see the slide. What am I missing?

I also followed what’s written here

but nothing changed.

Then, when I change the layout page to right sidebar, the theme seems to be not working with testimonials and call for action

Hello, I went to your site but can not inspect because its not accessible as shown below:

I will need access to your URL to test

How can I send log in access privately?
thanks in advance

Hello, thank you for the details via PM.

This is happening because you are using the wrong template. The full width testimonial blocks are for displaying testimonials in full width pages, so you just need to change the template to “Home Page” as shown below and it works. I tested this on your site as well: