Testimonial issues

Sorry I needed to reopen this topic

because you answered only one of my questions.
Questions were two (sorry next time I’ll open one topic per question - my fault)

  1. My first and more important question was:
    I tried to re-do a testimonial with exacting all the setting of the home, but the 3 testimonials are in the same column and I dont see the slide. What am I missing?

  2. second question almost solved. So I’'ll open another topic about to be clearer.

Thanks as always.

Hello, I have mentioned it to you in PM:

Hello, thank you for the details via PM. Here is the copy of that:

This is happening because you are using the wrong template. The full width testimonial blocks are for displaying testimonials in full width pages, so you just need to change the template to “Home Page” as shown below and it works. I tested this on your site as well:

Please read my question.
It’s not about the template. The template issue was the other question about the side bar.

In this page there are two testimonial element.
You can see clearly from the picture. One “copy and paste from your home” and it’s perfect. with the slide show of the three testimonial.
Under you can see mine, where I tried to re-create one with all same setting but it shows the three testimonial one above the other.

Cam you hel me to understand what I did wrong in mine testimonial?


Hello, so the testimonials are appearing fine if you copy paste from demo import but the ones that you add manually aren’t? You just need to check correct boxes as shown in demo (the one which works perfect when you copy paste from demo) and the documentation.

I followed the documentatation to add it, and it works as expected.
I copied and pasted from WPBakery from one install to another, and from one page to another, and again it works perfectly, like you mentioned. So, I am not sure how you really want me to help you?

I would love to just do it for you, but that simply is not feasible and not part of support. If you need someone to add content to your site, there are paid services for this on Envato Studio and other freelancing sites.

I did exactly everything like your demo testimonial.
Both have same settings for element, column and row, of course.
But my new one is not working.
By the way, I guess something wrong is in the row or the column settings because if I clone your testimonial and I paste it in another new row, it behaves like mine and not anymore like yours. I tried everything, but I could not get it like yours

I attached here the general settings, for row and element. (I can send you all the other setting if needed)

So how Can I create testimonials working like the home page?
Which setting am I missing?

Thanks again.

Do I have to open a new topic and make it a bit clearer?