Compatibility of booking plugin


which plugins works great with Entrada?



Hello Chris,

We have tested the WooCommerce Bookings plugin with the theme and you can view the example of this plugin on Entrada theme here at: WooCommerce Bookings Demo

Thank you

Hi Sanjeev,

Ya i know the Woocommerce bookings plugin is good with the theme, but this plugin is too costly , so i would like to seek for another option.

This plugin woocommerce-appointments ( it same as the Woocommerce booking plugin which is Native WooCommerce, and it is cheaper than woocommerce bookings plugin alot.

I hope you can help me check whether this plug in can be use or not.



Since we have released our new and Best Tour Booking WordPress Theme to date, we will discourage you to use WooCommerce Bookings plugin on Entrada and checkout Emprise to see if it covers the needs of the plugin within the themes built in functionality.