Custom Badges Enabled but not Working

Is there any new way to make it work?
I read all documentation and topics about but nothing works.
Actually I can see them on the customise preview but not on the real page.
Also, (if we can make it work) how to control their position? What I need to write in custom CSS?
Super endless thanks in advance
(my website is offline so I can’t write you the link, but if you need I’ll send you privately the log in)

Hello, I tried on our demo sites and its working fine, so please PM me the link so that I can check this for you. I will update you with required css once we have this working on your site.

How to send you a PM?

all good working now. Just need the CSS. :slight_smile:

Hello hello…the CSS?

Hello, as mentioned in my first reply, I need the link to provide you with custom CSS specific to your site, I have not received that link via PM. Please send it and I will look help you asap. Thanks.

My site is offline and at the moment it’s just like your theme, no extra content.
So if you can give me the CSS to move that badge like if it were just in your theme, it would be enough.

Hello, can you help us?

Hello, the CSS ofr the badge is:

.product-badge ul li img {
max-width: 40px
width: auto;
transform: scale(1) !important;

However, I am not sure how that is going to help you, because it is already there in the theme styles and should show by default, unless you have modified the core CSS of the theme itself and want to add this.

Thank you