Custom booking button

Hi, is it possible to use custom booking button on trip page? I would like to link booking button to whatsapp chat.


Hello eminazaking, Happy New Year!

Currently this function is not built in, however I can help you with it. If you are using the Emprise child theme, I can place a file that overwrites this function, and redirects users to your WhatsApp URL. If you can provide me FTP or cPanel access to your site by emailing it to me via my envato profile page , I would be happy to do this for you.

Additionally, I will also look into adding this feature in customizer, so that in future you can control the redirection and URL from your customizer itself.

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Hello, Happy New Year!

  1. I have changed to emprise child theme, please help me to overwrite the function. I want to disable “check Availibility” button and just to add whatsapp chat button OR can i edit the booking form section? I want to edit and add some other fields


  1. Regarding my question in the comment section, is it possible to create new sticky tabs just like itinerary and other existing tabs?



I can definitely help with the button redirect so that instead of “check availability” it will have any label you chose and also redirect to the WhatsApp link you provide. I can do that for you as soon as I receive your cPanel.

As for editing the forms and adding sticky tabs, it is customization work and will take some time. I will look into it and update you after we have completed the button redirection for you.

Thank you


I have sent Ftp credentials through your emel section in envato profile page.


It’s done. Also updated your other query with replies. Thank you.

Hi, I would like to ask for help to edit this button column as in the attached picture. Where can I edit the code for this section?

new whatsapp link: