Customize the website

Hi there,
I would like you to help me edit the website to make it much better or the way we would like it to look…As for the first, I would like you to help me remove the round marks I have made on the screenshot…I would like it to just be a picture and then a title and small description and the second one should have a picture and description. Can you please help me with this… I know now is the tour but if you can add something similar that shouldn’t have click buttons just descriptions that people can read.

Second thing, Can you please add the search button as it was built with the theme ( I have sent a screenshot too for this park and marked it with a green line). I would like to be with the same quote as on the theme demo that says… ‘FIND THE WORLD TOUR’, FIND THE JUNGLE SAFARI, FIND THE ADVENTURES… And I will change it later into my own quote.

Third thing, on the front page still can you please add these things on the left side as I have attached the screenshot.

Last but not least, we also have signed up with this online company that we will be working with (as the third part) and I would like to ask if it’s will be okay to add the buttons or places when someone clicks will redirect them to their website and view the itineraries and can proceed with payments. The website that we will be working with is this… (maybe you are already working with them)… Tour Operator Booking Software | TrekkSoft

Can you also help me to add on my menu on the ‘’ Camps & Lodges’’ when someone hovers it should show like three or four pictures of hotels I could change the pictures later and when someone clicks, it’s should show as a gallery of different hotels I will be working with? A good example of how the gallery should look like is on this (one of our competition website) Africa Accommodations – Maasai Wanderings
Thank you very much that’s all for now.

Can you also please help me add this footer please as it was before except for the ‘theme’ part but the reset please can you add it to my website

Hello, you can add this by importing the widgets. It appears you have followed the one click demo import but not the steps to follow after demo import, which is why you are not getting the gallieries and other data. Please open the documentation and go to Get started > Import demo and then follow the import taxonomies / gallery data and other mentioned steps. Once you have done that, the footer, activity gallery etc will be imported.

As for customizations, we do not provide customizations or edit users sites. I would recommend Envato Studios or for theme customization and editing.

Thank you