Emprise discounts and product dates

Good morning and congrats on your awesome theme. Unfortunately I have detected a serious problem with the management of discounts and product dates. Now I try to be as clear as possible.
After inserting a product (for example a tour) in the “Product Discount” section to the question “Are there discount based on date ranges?” I answer yes by setting the flag to “yes”. I insert the Start Date and the End Date, then I insert the discount. Then I also insert a second row with other dates and another discount. Everything seems ok but unfortunately in reality it is not so. When I see the product on the site it shows me the discounted price but then when I go in to make the purchase this happens: The price is initially discounted, then I choose another date which should have a different discount, but in reality it sets the full price, and even if I return to any other date, it will always show the full price and no longer the discounted prices by date. Maybe this depends on the fact that I’m in Italy with the date format d/m/y and you instead manage dates in a different format? I kindly ask you to check this problem which prevents me from managing the site. Thanks a lot for your reply.

Hello Tobia,

Thank you for choosing Tour Booking WordPress Theme Emprise and giving it a try.

I have received the issue that you have mentioned. I will try to replicate it by following the steps you have mentioned and then, resolve it and update theme asap. Having said that, such issues do need a little time to resolve properly and then test the theme thoroughly, before releasing the fix. So please bear with me for couple of days, but I will keep you posted in the meantime if I have some updates.

Thank you


Okay. A thousand thanks. I understand and will wait to hear from you.

Hello @sws-srls

Hope you are doing well, and thank you for your patience while we worked on this.

I am really glad to update you that we have resolved it, and will be sending the theme update for approval to Envato today. If you are in a rush and would like the to manually update, please let me know and I will send you the zip file.

Best Regards,


Hope you are doing well. Just wanted to update you that this was fixed and updated in the theme release, you can download the latest version of the theme and from your Envato download page. Thank you.