Google search error Invalid value type for field 'name'

Hi, I am using All in one SEO for Products Jason Schema. Although it produces a correct meta schema for products, i am getting an error from Google Search console for all of our products (Invalid value type for field ‘name’). The reason is that there is a second Jason injection, most probably from Entrada Child theme that is the following

![f750dr hr7|960x1149](upload://48ABNp9V7wbNDPgG9f0EzBck6qr.png)

F750GS from

Where can i change this setting in your code? Do you have any workaround in mind ?
Thanks a lot in advance Stavros

Hello, I have checked this and can not see any relevance in Entrada child theme for it. Can you please double check your child theme for customizations that your team may have made? Please let me know if you nee any further help with the theme itself. Ty.

Good morning, i am getting again lots of errors by google product snippets. My programmer says that this comes from these lines that are produced somehow, and most probably through the theme, check this product it is the same in all products

Is there any way to remove them? Edit the message to see the code.Thanks a lot in advance