Guide photo sizes

Hello, I would need advice about Guide photos.

I have entered the exact same sizes as the original guide photos (370 x 436). But when I check imy web site online, it seems that all 3 photos are different sizes, no matter the fact that I have entered the exact photos sizes. How to resolve that?

URL please so that I can check?

Hello, thanks for the URL. I just checked your guide section and they are displayed the same size, all 3 of them. Please check the screenshot below:

As it is on the screenshot: first 2 photos are longer than the third photo, but they are all the same size. Why is that and how I can fix this?

Hello @natasa1602 The images are of different sizes, the first two has a height of 450px whereas the last one is 436px as shown in the screenshots below,

You can also test this by adding the same image as 1st or 2nd for the 3rd guide and then it will align same.

Hello, thank you for your response, but I have checked one more time, For example, 2nd photo is 370 × 436 px (NOT 450px like you have written). Print screen below:

What I am missing here? :slight_smile: