Holiday type widget missing

Holiday type widget is missing

Hello there, it is available under widgets but named “Activity Type” instead of Holiday type. Please see the attached screenshot. And as you have pointed out, this would be less confusing if e renamed it, sp we will rename it in next theme update.

Thank you


Actually Activity Type just filters the Categories (the ‘Category’ field under the Product). Holiday Type is something different and I cannot see the widget for it.

Hi, any answer on this?

It’s really urgent on our side.

Hello Ruxandra - sorry for late response.

I am not entirely sure if I fully understand you. Can you please clarify where do you notice this widget missing, as in, can you please provide a link to our demo site from on which variation have you seen this widget that is missing in your WP install?

Awaiting your response.


so as you can see here

there is the possibility to filter by “Holiday Type” (which is different than “Category” Type as I mentioned above)

In my website I use the widget on the left to filter my tours:

but I don’t have the option to filter by “Holiday Type”. I just have Category, Price, Activity Level…

Hi, thank you for clarification, and I understand it now. However, the top bar filter are not all widgets, and there are multiple listing variations but everything is not available in all variations, for example, all list view details are not possible to be shown on grid views, and similarly, the top filter is different to sidebar filter, hence we have created multiple variations.

Having said that, there are multiple options to achieve filter based on products including tagged product. And for sidebar, you can add “Entrada Tour Tag Filter”. And then all the tags that you create and set for your particular tours will be shown on the sidebar. To do this:

  1. Go to Appearance >> Widgets and drag Entrada Tour Tag Filter in your listing sidebar as shown in attached screenshot.

2. Go to Products >> Tags and add your tags (ensure that icons for these tags are available in Addons >> Custom Icons as shown in second screenshot).

3. Now any product where you add this tag, under Product Tags, in product edit page, as shown in 3rd screenshot will be filterable by this tag.

  1. Now, it will be shown under your Sidebar with filter for those tags as shown below:
    Not exactly as the top “Holiday Type” dropdown function, but the filter function is exactly same and will show results for only the added product tags.

Thank you