How to sort excursions on Home page under "Popular tours" and "Best sellers"

Hello! I am trying to sort my excursions on Home page under “Popular tours” and “Best sellers” in order that I want, but I cannot do it.
I was trying to follow your instructions that you have written to other people: Pages-Home page-WP Bakery Page Builder-Add Element-WooCommerce-Products and then I tried to sort it for example by ID and then I was also entering excrusion by excursions in an order that I want it to be. I have clicked “Save” and then “Update” - BUT nothing. Like it is not saved, because when I try to di it once again, it is again everything by default.

Please, help me :slight_smile:

Hello, have tried clearing cache and viewing it? It works as expected when I tried, so perhaps just the cache? Also, share your URL so that I can have a look at the page as well. Thank you.

Hello, I have tried clearing cache and once again the whole procedure, and it works ok but only for “Best sellers” excursions (last 6 squares), not on “Popular excursions” (first 6 squares).

So, I want to re-arrange “Atraktivna putovanja” (in English is “Popular tours”) in a costume order made by myself.

Please, check my web page:

Thank you.