Install Roxine Theme


I just bought the Roxine theme. How can I install this in Wordpress, as it doesn’t come with ZIP files for upload in WP?


Can you please provide the link to themeforest where you bought this WordPress Theme? We have only released the html template and psd AND not the WP theme, hence my question.

Here’s the link: Corporate Multi-Purpose HTML Template for Business - Roxine by waituk

I however just assumed it was a Wordpress theme when I bought it, and only later (when I tried installing it) realized it was a HTML template. My question therefore is if you have a Wordpress version of this theme, or know of an easy way to migrate this template to a Wordpress theme? I’d like to use this theme as it has the same feel as Entrada, and would work very well as my landing page, linking to my Entrada site. If Wordpress is not an option, that’s no problem, I’ll find another theme for my landing page.

To just link to Entrada WP, you can use HTML template as the landing page. As for the WP version, we have recently started working on it, but it would be another month or so before we thoroughly test and then release it.

I’m unfortunately no expert, so is there some info out there that gives me some direction on how to link the HTML template to Entrada? If not I think I’ll wait for the WP version (great news, by the way, I think Roxine and Entrada is a great combo for a multisite environment).


Hello, you just need to link your image/button etc from HTML to the main WP theme, is that right? If so, you can do it manually. If you want it done for you, you can request for custom work here Thx