Itinerary accordions error


I have same problems with template.

When I click through the product detail tab - ITINERARY - and if some itinerary accordions is open, after this step other tab navigation start to have sticky effect and it’s looking like error.

I can’t see top half of the product page and product gallery moves to down.

After when I’m going back to product detail tab - itinerary - and closing all itinerary accordions, other tab navigation is working correctly and top half of product page available.

How can I fixed it?

Check my website please


Hello @polina-webhelp Apologies for such late response and I thank you for your patience.

As for the tabbed fields, I had a look at your site, and tested it on mobile as well and am unable to see the issue. When I click on the tabbed fields, they do change to their respective content. The tab is designed to have sticky effect so that users can swap between different info within the details, so this is expected behavior.

However, if you mean something else, please clarify further and I will be quite happy to help.

Thank you