Anyway, I’m going to give you your 5 stars, I love the design, I just can’t edit what the tour template looks like from Elementor, is there a way or could you help me with the custon fields, tell me how they are saved in the database so use custon fields with wcfm and allow sellers to upload products from the wcfm marketplace

I will be looking into it indepth. I will get back with update within a day. Thanks.

Hello @jimenezweb

I am still testing various options for adding same custom fields in wcfm that we have in frontend and admin dashboard. WCFM says its automatic with Ultimate plugin but I can’t include that in the theme itself since they dont provide that option. Integration with free version will be better option I guess. They do mention overwriting plugin files in the theme for this, but still, that would take quite some time and testing.

Having said that, since we already have full fledged product listings in frontend, which does work with wcfm vendors. Anyone can register in frontend and from their profile, select to be vendor. And when they are logged in as vendors and submit products, it does show up in their vendor dashboards. So integrating it within wcfm is certainly feasible but there are quite a few fields and options, and storing it via wcfm will definitely take sometime and a lot of testing.

I will need a few days before I can give you a solid confirmation or options on this.

Will certainly keep you posted with progress.


Just a quick update that we have successfully tested mapping the fields, and it works with adding and editing the field via WCFM product manager. We will still need a few more days to release it as a stable version. Please let me know if you have any questions in the mean time. And once again, thank you very much for your initiative and support on this.



Hope you are enjoying your holidays.

We have continued our work on the WCFM integration. You can preview the ongoing work at following page which is the Vendors Profile Page:

And also we have added the vendors logos to their product cards, again it’s ongoing work and the logo will on vendors card will link to vendors profile page:

And finally, the vendors bio is shown on the product single page as well along with ratings etc. just above the booking form:

The work on editing products is ongoing. Adding custom fields in the WCFM dashboard appears to be buggy, for example data loss when dragging and dropping etc. We have contacted WCFM with these but no response yet. We are also looking into alternate/better method, which is to redirect the EDIT and ADD buttons in product manager of WCFM to either our own frontend listings page or to the backend which only shows the products tab, allows them to add/edit product and no other tabs are shown. I would appreciate any input/insight if you can suggest on this.

Thank you