Menu on Mobile is not clickable


Firstable i would like to thank you for your fantastic Job with the theme .
I am facing an issue with the mobile menu. I know that the menu is responsive and clickable by default on mobiles . I know that i don’t have to make any changes for that. But despite the fact i’ve tried to read all the topic about this kind of issue i can’t resolve my problem. When I changed to mobile version, the menu headings is not clickable . It works perfectly on laptop… Can you help ?
Thanks .

Hello, thank you for getting in touch with your query. The main menu item does have the behavior you mentioned. On desktop, the menu will show dropdown on “HOVER” but since hover is not possible on mobile, if there are dropdowns, then it will expand on click and show the dropdowns. If there are no dropdowns, it will click and go to the URL. Thank you.

Thanks for answering me . But i am quiet Novice in Website. Thanks to you i succeeded building my own website but i truly don’ t understand what you meant. I undestant that i need a Dropdown menu on " HOVER" but how can i do that on wordpress . I ve tried to look everywhere.
Thanks again
sincerly yours

Hello @doudousham Can you please share your URL so that I can check it on my mobile and see whether I understand your issue correctly?

Thanks for your help

Hello ,

Can you help it’s been a long Time now …