Modify the template of the guide with Bakery Editor


I would like to modify the template of the guide with Bakery Editor.

I have modified a guide page with Bakery editor (and I saved the template as a template).

But when I go to the page after publishing, the elements of the initial template remain in the background: recent articles, comments, archives, etc.

How can I remove all these elements to have only the elements that I administered on my page?

Thanks for your help

Hello, the Entrada Guide block has predefined elements to be reused as shown, so to customize that block itself and add/remove elements from it, you will need to customize the Entrada WPBakery Component via code. However, if you just want to hide the elements, I would recommend custom css property display: none; on those classes. If you provide your URL of the page and exact elements you dont want to display, I can do a quick css for you to add to your custom css.

Thank you

Thank you for your answer