Need Assistance with the Theme

Hi, i have just bought and installed your beautiful theme but i have come to some issue that i need to fix as soon as possibile: i attach some image to show the problems

Demo import problem

Sidebar problem ( all sidebare type)

i have to report that the guide included with theme need to be updated , some of the things have changed in the settings, like the display product section of woocommerce (not available)

there is visualization problem also with the category in the page that woocommerce ask to create when you set it

Thanks for your assistance


Please create single individual topic for a specific issue rather than bundling all your issues into one topic.

The first issue you mentioned about import, you will need to go to woocommerce and update tables. Once you are in wp admin dashboard and go to woocommerce, you will see the message at top to update tables if this is required.

As for sidebar, please send the URL of the page where this is happening so I can check, otherwise there is no way for me to guess what/why/where this may be happening.

Please create separate topics for other issues.

Thank you