Page layout, sidebar, and widget area

Hi ,
is there a way (I saw it in other WP themes) for a single page, to choose different sidebars option?
And connected to this question: how can I create different widget area (and consequently different sidebars) to apply them singularly to pages?


Hello, the prebuilt single pages variations are shown in demo under the “pages” menu. For example: Layout – Left Sidebar – Entrada Modern

As for creating different widget areas, these are not built into the theme and you will need to add those features.

Thank you

Thank you,
how to do that?

Hello, for the features not built into the theme, you need to customize the theme with custom code to add new features. If you don’t know how to add custom code, you can use theme customization services from Envato Studio or use freelancing services to add customizations to your theme.

Like WP Kraken right?
Thanks, got it.

Yes, indeed. thank you.