Problems with Homepage

hi, we have some problems since the update
on, the home page we can t see any more.
and on if we are logged in the homepage on the frontend will endless loading.
and also we can t update the slider revolution.
how can we fix this?

Hello, I have sent you a Private Message via thread, please respond to PM with details so I can help you with this. Thank you.

Thank you for the details.

have you received in login informations

hi have you more informations about the problems?

Hello, apologies for late response due to holidays. I haven’t received the PM with login details. Please send it so that I can look into it for you. You can also send it to me through my profile page here: waituk's profile on ThemeForest

hi i sended it here and you said you will delete it after the sending

you have it now on the themeforest profile

hi do you have forgotten us?

Hello Themesbrain,

Sorry for late response. I did look into your site

This is a multisite with 30+ of websites and 147+ plugins, which is what took time. However, testing the theme on your install doesn’t show any error from theme, as you can see here: the theme and the site is running fine.

I would love to help but support doesn’t cover mutisite networks with 30+ installs. I am afraid we can not provide support for such sites with hundreds of multisites and 147 plugins. Additionally, the license for theme allows 1 site.

Hope you understand.

Thank you.