Product Image size and "bg-stretch" div class


Is it possible to change the image size on the product page to not be stretch to such huge size.
The theme says to use images of size 1450px by 960px, (so landscape), but then the product page shows the image cropped to portrait orientation anyway?
The “bg-stretch” div class, also stretched and distorts any image not a loaded with such large original size.

Is there a way to show a smaller size images on the product page that does not take up the whole first column?

Rest of the theme is great, just this image is so big.

Thanks and Regards

The image is used in listings (landscape) as well as tour detail page hence its specified to provide the size mentioned. As mentioned in my other message, we do not have variations for tour detail page built into the theme at present, although you can certainly customize it to fit your specific site/design needs.