Query Regarding "Price by Quantity" Feature and Displaying "PRICE FROM"


I recently purchased the theme for my website, and I’m thoroughly impressed with its features and capabilities. As I’m setting up my website for tour bookings, I have a couple of queries that I hope you can assist me with:

  1. Price by Quantity: Is there a built-in option within the theme that allows me to set a dynamic pricing model based on the quantity of bookings? For example, if someone wants to book a tour for a larger group, can the price be adjusted accordingly?

  2. Displaying “PRICE FROM”: I’d like to display prices starting from a certain amount (e.g., “PRICE FROM $100”). Is this feasible within the theme’s current settings or would I require additional customization?

Your guidance on these aspects would be incredibly valuable as I continue setting up my website. Thank you for your assistance, and I’m looking forward to your response.

Warm regards,