Rates issues scattered

what could be the issue making the cost scattered,kindly solve this for me.Please check for me this why the rates are so far from the box I have attached the image

We are looking into it and should get back to you by Monday. Thank you.

Hello, I have tested this and found that the text would wrap no matter the length. Please see the attached screenshot below:

So, it appears it may be the issue specific to your install. Can you please provide your URL and also, from WooCommerce remove the .00 from price you don’t need them.

Once I hear back from you and have URL, I will look into it and update you.

Thank you

The url of my site is https://myriad-travel.com/ also let me know if I installed the theme properly and guide me as well.In regards to woocommerce where do I remove the .00

Dear Waituk,
I will appreciate urgent attention to my site.Its currently behaving like the attached image when I load.I have reached out to support for hosting,the issue is not on their side but on the theme.Please help me get back my site.I was editing the homepage when I got the issue.

Another issue is the menu tab at the backen,the local packages deals is not showcasing please assist.