Remove price from recently viewed

I’ve tried finding CSS code in old articles, but the links have expired.

Can I please ask you for the CSS code to remove pricing in Recently Viewed?


It appears you want to remove all content from the cards footer, if so this is the css you need:

.recent-block.recent-gray .article footer {
display: none;

This code unfortunately doesn’t remove any of the info. Could you please suggest another code?


Can you provide the URL of the page where you have this?

Example: Best Of The West – ERTCU Travel Group

It is exact same CSS as I have given you above that you need to apply. Right now, that css is not applied, I can not see it in inspector. Once you have added the CSS, it will work.

Also, if you need more CSS customizations like these, I would recommend using Envato Studio, as these are customizations rather than a one or two css changes here and there.

I had removed the CSS since it wasn’t working for me. I have applied the CSS again, and left it in this time, but it’s not working still.

Here’s another link, same result: Activities – ERTCU Travel Group

I have changed the CSS code a bit, and it’s working now.
.recent-block .article footer {
display: none;

Hi, thank you for letting me know as well.