Requesting supports

  1. our theme (Entrada) contains outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files. how to solve this? This notification of outdated woocommerce . How can i solve it?

  2. Does Entrada theme have a short code to display destinations. i want to create a normal page and add a short code to pull destination per destination. e.g china , usa with out using the default pages

  3. How to have a mega menu kind of menu because i have submenus like demo but doesn’t come out as demo

Hello kwizzyboi,

Hope you are doing well.

  1. We will be releasing the new theme update within next week to 10 days at most, and updating the theme at your end will automatically resolve this.

  2. Destinations are dynamically generated pages, based on the destinations you create under products in WooCommerce. So, we do not have shortcodes for this at present but will look into it for future update.

  3. Please share your URL and I will let you know what you may be missing. If your site is private, please send me your URL via my profile page: waituk's profile on ThemeForest

Thank you


4 .The short code for destinations should be provided because i want to create a custom page please. its important, the generated pages are not customizable

  1. why is that if i rename the theme folder in my wp themes from Entrada to my own liking the website crashes. please let me know how i can rename the folder because it helps be with security. i dont want hackers / competitors knowing the theme am using. how can i rename it with out my website crashing

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Waiting on your reply on number 5