Top section of product page


Is it possible to make the top part of the product page a single column with the following layout;

A banner image across the page, (full width or boxed is fine)
then under that, the product info - this section Screenshot by Lightshot below the banner image.

Kind Regards.

Hello, at present we only have the split screen design for tour detail page. We are considering other variations for future theme update although its not confirmed nor have specific date for release. However, you can also use Envato Studio to customize the theme to your specific requirements as well if you need it urgently.

Thanks Waituk,

Hopefully such option comes in future, I think will be great addition and very much used.
In the meantime, is there any providers you know that have customized Entrada theme on Envato Studio that you can recommend? There are so many, would be good to use one that is already familiar with your theme.