Training and settings

Hi, I have a few questions about the emprise template.
1- How to edit the add your listing form? Even the text related to this is subtext can’t be edited?
2- Do we have a training file for all parts of the site in html format, like the entrada format?
3- Can pages like destination be designed with Elementor? Does it mean adding text to the first and last page?


1- The text can certainly be edited. If you go to Emprise Theme Options > Labels and Static Texts then you will be able to search for the current text in the form and the edit them. Please see screenshot below:

2- Currently we only have online documentation at and this forum.

3- The destination pages shown in the menu links are dynamically generated pages showing only listings and filters. I would recommend creating your own destination pages in elementor with any design/content and then for tour searches, having a large button pointing to the dynamically generated destination pages.

Thank you