WP Bakery no longer compatible with theme, can't edit existing pages

Hi, we are unable to edit the pages on our website. We have existing content over multiple pages using WP Bakery. When we click to edit a text block, it displays a blank box with not content to edit. This has been a problem for a long time now. We have the latest version of WP Bakery, we have been in contact with WP Bakery support and they have directed me to you, the theme author, they say the theme itself needs updating.
We desperately need help with this - we run our travel business on our website with Entrada which up until now has been great.
Please can you advise or let me know if you need further information so we can edit our website once more.

Hello, apologies for late response. I have messaged you the link to download latest version of WPBakery Composer which you can upload to your WordPress. Please let me know if you need any further assistance with this.

Hi, thanks, as mentioned in my message the latest version of WPBakery Composer is installed…we actually paid for it a long time ago. But it’s still not working. We cannot edit anything. We had the WPBakery technical support look at the issue and they say it’s not the plugin. They said (and also an independent technical support person said the same) that the theme needs updating.
I have seen in previous posts that you said an update for the theme was coming in February, then March…now it’s April…is an update to the theme coming? Do you think this may help?
As a non-technical person, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to understand what the issue is but we really need to solve it. We really need to be able to edit the pages on our site with the most up to date information.
Please please can you give me some more information or try to advise me what we need to do to get this issue fixed.