WPBakery Page Builder Plugin Vulnerability

There’s a vulnerability in WPBakery Page Builder Plugin: WordPress WPBakery Page Builder plugin < 6.13.0 - Contributor+ Cross Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability - Patchstack

What is the plan of action to upgrade to a secure version for the Entrada theme?

The process to get the updated package by indivudual request is very time consuming for both the licensee of the Entrdada theme and for the developer.
Sometimes update request emails are ignored.

I wonder if Sanjeev or Themeforest could set up an automated notification with the download link to all licensees?

Hello @panograph I am looking into it, will message back when tested. Also I will add a download link here to be updated regularly. Thank you

Is there an ETA on when an update will be available for WPBakery and Slider Revolution plugins? The versions supplied with the theme both have known security vulnerabilities.

Can we finally receive the latest version of 6.13.0 that was released on 24/05/2023

to fix XSS vulnerability fix for elements
and to fix XSS vulnerability fix for the user roles, please?

Please download it here:



Can you please provide download link for Slider Revolution Plugin as well? There’s a vulnerability in Slider Revolution as well
WordPress Slider Revolution <= 6.6.12 - Author+ Remote Code Execution Vulnerability - Patchstack



Thank you


Can we have the update to version 7.0 and all of the future versions in one place, please?
It should be automated in my opinion.