WPML General issues


While translating my website in French and Japanese, I encountered few issues as following :

#1 Menu language switcher is displayed on both header menu bar and top bar. I just set the language switcher on the main menu in the WPML language section and that’s it. I don’t need the language switcher at the the Top Bar. Is it possible to remove it ?

#2 On the customizer section, “Buttons and links”, “Square button”, I set a customized button text, then tried to translate that text in French and Japanese but no way to find it. On WMPL, “Theme and plugins localization”, I imported all the strings from themes, plugins, etc. but can’t find anywhere. Any ideas where I could locate that square button customized text ?

#3 On the tours activities list, the level icon is well displayed in English but not in French and Japanese while the different levels have been translated.

I wish I could attached screenshots for you so you can have a clear idea but not possible when creating the topic.

Thanks a lot for your help !

Hello, I am assuming you mean the BOOK NOW button, if so, it is tranlatable. Please follow the steps mentioned here in the other users same query.

It could be your specific setting in which case the WPML support page will be helpful as well.

Thank you

Hello Sanjeev,

No it is not the Book Now button. This is the one you use as ‘’EXPLORE ‘’ in your demo website. You can change the label of the button in the Appearance/Customize, section Buttons and links / Square button. You can change the text here.

Is it a specific setting of your theme ?

As I said, I already imported all the strings in WPML translation management but nowhere I can see the text label of the button I changed…
So it is not a specific setting from me.

Also, did you had a look at the other issue, the point #3 ?

Thank you for your help !