503 error while importing the demo data

Dear Support Team!

We are having issues/problems while importing the demo data of the following template: Homepage – V4 – Entrada Modern
While importing the demo data the wizard shows an error message: Import failed! There was a problem importing your content. Error code 503 There is no more hint. We are completely blocked.
What kind of extra configurations shall we do in order to import the demo data? Please help as ASAP, thank you very much!

Hello @bence91 the demo data is there at Homepage – V4 – Entrada Modern and you do not need to import it separately. However, I can not ascertain from your message weather the whole import is failing or you are getting the warning message for some specific image etc.

Please be clear about the issue you are facing and include screenshots of the error message, and steps so that we can help you at once.

Thank you.

Dear Support,
“the demo data is there at” what do you mean by this? The demo data is there if I can import successfully…
Steps to reproduce:
/1/ install latest Wordpress done
/2/ install template done
/3/ importing demo data: Failed, with the attached screenshot: Képernyőfotó 2021-10-21 - 11.20.16|690x291

After failed demo import the site looks like (completely broke), as the attached screenshot demonstrates:

Please be so kind and give me some useful helps, because I am waiting for resolving this problem for several days. The error message which I get back is absolutely not useful, there is no hint what to do, this is why I wrote to forum. If you need I can give you direct access (vie email) in order to check it.
Thank you very much in advance.

Hello, from your screenshot, it appears that you have not followed the demo import steps. Also, I requested you for screenshots of the error message, but you haven’t shared that either. The only screenshot you have shared shows you have successfully install the theme.

There is a documentation showing step by step guide on how to install and import demo data included within the theme. Please to import demo following the documentation, including steps to follow after demo is imported.

If the demo import fails, it will give you an ERROR MESSAGE on demo import page, please share that.

Thank you


Please be so kind and read and check my message. At point 3!!! there is a link, if you click to that link it opens the screenshot with the error. It is not an inline image, its a link, due that your post editor is buggy!!! Please be so kind and give us a true useful support not just bla bla. we are waiting more than 7 days. The forum account approval took 2 business days, which is unacceptable.

I attach here AGAIN the screenshot of the error:

Please be so kind and give us a useful support. As I told you, our problem is that the one click demo data import fails! Thank you very much!

Hello, please share your URL and theme version. Additionally, please follow the steps here:

and send your wp-admin URL and admin access details to us by emailing to support@waituk.com Thank you


I just sent the URL and the credentials in email, in order to fix this problem.
I am looking forward to hearing from you ASAP,


Do you have any update? (as you requested I sent via email the url and the credentials 3 days ago).