Resolving issues specific to your WP installation

Sometimes you may face an issue with your WordPress install that others are not facing, or we at waituk are unable to replicate in our own installation or the demo sites we have up and running. It could be any number of issue from the theme configuration, plugins conflict, webhost settings to your own customizations atop the theme.

In such cases, we will help you further isolate and investigate the issue. Below are the steps you can follow to help yourself and us to trace and solve such issues:

  1. Please check and ensure that you are using the latest version of the Entrada main theme. The current theme version is 4.4.7 If you are not using the latest version of the theme, you will need to update it to latest version as shown here: How to Update Theme to Latest Version

  2. Ensure that the Entrada prefixed plugins are of latest version 4.0.7

  3. If they aren’t - please update and check if this resolves your query, ELSE follow the steps below.

  4. Deactivate all third party plugins other than the ones that came bundled with Entrada theme ( Contact Form 7, Customizer Import / Export, Entrada Post Type, Entrada VC Addons, Entrada WC Taxonomy, Entrada Theme Addons, Slider Revolution, WooCommerce, WPBakery Page Builder). Only these plugins should be left active.

  5. Please check if this resolves the issue - if yes, start activating the third party plugins, one at a time and checking the frontend. This will help you locate the specific plugin that causes the issue you are facing. And you can leave that particular plugin deactivate, delete it or ask the plugin author for more help on that.

  6. If the issue persists, check weather you have modified any of the core theme files, within the main theme files itself and / or through child theme. If you have modified files in child theme, please deactivate child theme and then check if the issue persists. If the issue is resolved, then the issues comes from your custom code.

  7. If you had modified core theme files, you will need to reinstall the main theme again (Note: you will lose all the customizations that you coded in core theme files so ensure that you have a backup that you can copy over if required.!)

If none of the steps above resolves your issue, we will need to test this on your server. Please leave all of the steps above that you have followed exactly as is after you have followed those steps, i.e. leave the third party plugins deactivated and theme to latest versions etc… and message us via our Profile Page your wordpress wp-admin access details as well as FTP details and confirm back that we can reinstall the theme / demo and you are okay with that.

And we will get back to you within 48 hours at most with cause / solution for your specific issue.

Thank you