Great theme, but support sucks!

Sorry to make a post like this but it’s true. 21 days since my site’s main pages have been replaced by a temporary one. My company runs tour boats in Canada and we barely made it through the start of COVID without bankruptcy. And now in the last month of summers operations, I have to run on a site that’s… let us say tough to get to the checkout and sales dropped by 62%!!!

I have had 3 weak replys to my thread Theme issue after Update from TM Extra Product Options with a pointing of a finger to the author of the plugin. The author points the finger back to the theme creator with good ration, meanwhile, I’m going broke from loss of business.

I’m not here to say bad things about the theme, it’s an awesome theme, I just wish it had proper support and that’s what this is about. Be forewarned when buying the Entrada Theme that if you need support you may have to wait a month to get resolve, and you being in tourism could mean the bankruptcy of your company.
Thanks for reading - Luxury Lake Tours :angry:

Hello @Luxurylaketours I appreciate your feedback and sorry that you are facing these issues. However, we do clearly state in the theme item description that we provide support for specific plugins like WPBakery Page Builder, WooCommerce, WooCommerce Booking (there is list of officially supported plugins there). And beyond that, it simply isn’t feasible for us to provide support for every other plugin that is incompatible with the theme.

If you are adding a plugin that is not supported, then you really should speak to the plugin author or use plugin customization services from Envato Studio or others to get it to work with the theme. We are here to help with any problem in the theme and officially supported plugins and we will do that as soon as we can. Thank you.

Thanks for your getting back to me and certainly do appreciate the description of support of what plugins are covered. The problem is according to TM Extra Product Options plugin author in the previous reply gives an extremely good rebuttal pointing to the problem in the THEME. I assume that you did nt read it so here it is again;

Theme Complete TM Extra Product Options - Plugin Author

I’m sorry but you are wrong. The visibility set to hidden in the epo.min.css is normal. Once the fields are initialized the plugin removed the hidden visibility. This just means that something in the theme is blocking the plugin from hewing initialized.
If you inspect the code for the option container on the theme that works well you will see that the container gets the tc-show css class which makes it visible. This happens only when the options are initialized.

Theme Complete

Can you please answer the quote above as that comment was directed to you by the plugin author. Now I get it that you may not support the said plugin, but you are a developer/theme author/code writer/visionary etc. and a damn good one at that, surely you can look at it and explain to me why it can not be repaired, and if you cant repair it (with your very capable hands) at least tell me what to tell the plugin author what look at.

Thank you,