Theme issue after Update from TM Extra Product Options

Hi, I just did an update on the Extra Product Options plugin and after the update, all the options were removed/hidden from all my products. I activated Theme TwentyTwo and deactivating all plugins and reactivating them one by one, with no faults.
I then reactivated the Entrada theme and the display of options is gone. (check screenshot)

I checked inspect from Chrome and It looks like the containers are there for TM Extra Product Options, but none of the text.


Is there any help please, I am in a pinch on this as it disrupts my site’s operations.

I also initially had support from TM Extra Product Options and went through some troubleshooting and they to said it was the theme at fault. I added the screenshot below of the location/ifo of EPO if it helps.

OK, something new I found, I am using the Entrada child modern and was testing the themes going from the Entrada modern to Entrada child, and then to the main Entrada. The product options work in the Entrada main and child but not in Entrada modern. :shushing_face:
Hope that helps, and hope its soon, been three days with the site down!

Hello, apologies for late response. The plugin is not officially tested or supported with the theme. However, if you are seeing it work with default theme and the child theme, it would mean there is customizations in the modern theme that maybe causing this issue. Can you please provide your URL and admin access so that i can check and let you know. You can email me your details to

Thanks for getting back to me, better late than never right! I do have the Entrada Child theme activated because the Entrada Child-Modern is the one with the issues not showing TM Extra Options. I have emailed you my details as well and look forward to hearing back from you.

Okay, first of all, Entrada Child Theme should only be used with Entrada Default, and Entrada Child Modern should only be used with Entrada Modern main theme.

Additionally, can you please deactivate the plugin and double check if it displays the fields correctly. You can find the steps to resolve the issue specific to your wordpress/theme install here: Resolving issues specific to your WP installation

Wait a minute, there is an Entrada Modern Theme? I have never seen it and have always been running the modern theme under Entrada. I also rechecked my download folder and do not see any other main themes other than Entrada.

OK, i activated the Child Modern theme, deactivated the TM Product Options plugin and checked the products. What i see is that the area that was occupied by TM Product Options is completely empty and next down the product is the Book Now button.

Previously as in the screen grab, there was a empty space (blank) where the options are (were). Inspect shows TM Options are there but are not!

UPDATE - i was testing with Inspect and found something interesting, i found in epo.min.css visibility was set to hidden, i unchecked it and the TM Product Options showed up. Here are 2 screen shots.

Yes, there is Entrada Modern Theme Variation, you chose between default/modern when installing the demo. There is no separate package for the theme as its the theme demo variation.

It appears from you screenshots that this thid party plugin is causing the issue. We have not tested the plugin nor have official support for this plugin. Unfortunately I am not using this plugin nor other users has worked on the theme with this specific plugin, so I would not be of as much help as the plugin author can be with this.

Thank you

I connected with the plugin author after reading your reply above asking him to his thoughts on what it could be. I am not sure what direction to go on this, all my work has been with professional developers and they all say the code work they done is correct and proper, anyways this is the plugin authors reply;

themecomplete SITE ADMIN

I’m sorry but you are wrong. The visibility set to hidden in the epo.min.css is normal. Once the fields are initialized the plugin removed the hidden visibility. This just means that something in the theme is blocking the plugin form hewing initialized.
If you inspect the code for the option container on the theme that works well you will see that the container gets the tc-show css class which makes it visible. This happens only when the options are initialized.