Differences from index.html and current version

I do not want to bother on a very common topic but it seems the html file and linked youtube video are from 2016 and now with woocommerce and everything different is very hard to follow steps by steps.

I tried to install the themes and I would say 90% were working. I noticed my php was not 7.4 so I delete all the theme installation, I upgraded to 7.4 but now that I tried to install it again, the demo import is not working. What can be gone wrong? I was doing everuthyng like before and following all your forum topic/guides/video. But as I wrote before, is very hard to follow steps by steps since the documentation is from 2016.

Moreover, the 6 months purchasing support, what does it include more than a support from this forum?

Thanks and sorry if I might sound unclear.


Hello Daniele, we are working on theme update and the documentation videos will be updated in next theme update.

The six months support includes following services mentioned in support policy here:Item Support Policy | ThemeForest


Thanks for your quick answer.
So I followed all your steps in html file but I still got 404 error.
( only step different is the woo-commerce set up because the display tab is not there anymore in the updated version - but I did the check in “redirect cart page…” - see attached)

I also checked your post Theme installation problem
and this are my results

The strange thing, as I wrote in the first message of this topic, is that I was previously able to import the modern theme correctly but due to another problem I deleted and when I did all the steps again from the beginning and then trying to import it again, I got the 404 error.
What I Should check? some setting in my PHP (already 7.4)?

I know that your support doesnt include installation of the theme but I very tried everything and I cant getting any solutions unfortunately.


Hello Daniele,

You have mentioned that the demo import is not working. Its most definitely specific to your install as this is not happening to other users and even I tested this this morning myself.

However, I will try to help you. But I have no idea what specific demo import issue are you facing, nor have you clarified that in your message above. I need exact error that you get, along with the result page screenshot of demo import. Once you provide screenshots and detailed information on the issue you are facing, I will be happy ton guide you further.

Thank you

Thanks for your reply.
here it is the screenshot. Same error when importing both of themes

Hello @phoenixdivers I have tested your theme and the issue is coming from your webhost rather than the theme itself. So you will need to fix that first. To clarify,

  1. Delete entrada and all entrada child themes.
  2. Activate 2021 theme
  3. Download and save theme unit test data XML from WordPress itself: Theme Unit Test Data
  4. try to import that demo file and it will give you the exact same 404 not found error.

Once you have spoken to and resolved this, you will be able to import the demo easily.

Please let me know if I can help/guide any further.

Thanks again for checking.
One question, what you mean with “that demo” that I should try to import. Which demo I should try to import? Or you mean to try to import “theme unit test data” and I’ll get the same error?

many Thanks

This is the test data that wordpress provides to test themes, you can find the demo file and steps to test here: Theme Unit Test – Make WordPress Themes And yes, I meant you would get same error on any theme including the default 2021 wordpress theme Thx.

Ok thanks so What I need to do?
Open a ticket with my webhost and tell them that when I try to import any theme I get a 404 error, and that the theme creator already checked evrything?


Hello, you don’t need to tell about theme creator because this is happening on your wordpress with every theme, including the default wordpress twenty-twentyone theme. So its not the theme issue. Most likely .htaccess file or server settings, I wouldn’t know about that.

Other than that - yes, they should guide you and resolve that for you.

Yes I told them with every theme. They said they fix it now.
I did again and now I got this error straight after

Is it normal?
thanks again

I read here

but WC had been activated properly in advanced.


I also had this images issues, for each tour.

Hello, glad to see that they resolved the import issue for you, as for the Warning, it is from WooCommerce which can be safely ignored if you have woocommerce activated and dashboard is not showing errors because action-group will be updated after you go to dashboard. Thx.

As for the images, why are they not showing? Noone has faced this issue. Can you please share your webhost company name, and the plan you are on? Additionally, go to the dashboard, and check weather the images for products are showing in media or not, and also that it is shwoing in your products. Let me know the details here so I can help further. Thx.

Hi and thanks again.
The strange thing is that the very first time I installed everything 2 weeks ago, images were there.
By the way, I think inside products there are nothing.

you can also log in with same credentials I gave you in private.
My host is hostpapa with VPS service.


Hello, its clear that the hostpapa has multiple issues with demo imports, and just like “import failed” error that they were able to resolve via the host settings, this will be something they will need to address. For starters, have a look at their article here about image import issues on hostpapa and speak to them: https://hostpapasupport.com/fix-http-image-upload-error-wordpress/ Hope they are able to resolve this quickly for you, else I would recommend a better hosting provider where you don’t need them for simple things like installing and importing WP themes, demos and plugins. All the best.

this is the hosting reply. I feel a bit frustrated of this bouncing around.
I hope a solution will be found shortly.
Thanks again

We would like to note that some of your imagery are not appearing because they cannot be found in the ‘requested-by-your-theme’ locations, as seen in the below example.

Screenshot by Lightshot

This has nothing to do with your Virtual Private Server and environment, bur pertains to the setup of your application and website. This should have been something your developer should have already spotted. These are the only imagery currently present there:


Furthermore, some of your banner and other imagery are listed as attachment ID’s, instead of being referenced from direct file pathing on the server.

Entrada Banner Image – divingtravelagency.com
Entrada Banner Image – divingtravelagency.com

Please ask them to review how they are implemented, where are they uploaded and how the theme is ‘requesting them’, so to resolve this issue.

In case you require any assistance, feel free to contact us at any time.


Hello @phoenixdivers I have tested the theme on scores of webhosts, and every day, the theme is installed on different web hosts by users of the theme. Also, as you can see from the issue you had above, it was web hosts settings that was causing it, and them who resolved the issue.

If webhost cannot help you, and you are not willing to change the webhostsing company, I am afraid i won’t be able to support you further with this, as this appears from webhosts response that this will be going in circles wasting my time and your time. So, if you prefer that, I will refund your purchase, and you can purchase another theme and host on hostpapa.

All the best.

Thanks very much for your reply and you offer.
I was also thinking to change hosting but if I do now I’ll waist too much time.
What about using the envato installing service?
It’s 50 $. Do you think they will be able to solve the issue?
Because I really like your theme, it matches exactly my project.