Entrada Tours - Attributes & Variations

Entrada theme comes with two main product types, “Tours” and “Shop Items”.

Tours is a custom template and also, it uses “attributes” and “variations” for dates and prices as shown in the image below. Where as “Shop Items” is a default template and you can create custom “attributes” and “variations” for your shop items, which is completely different product type used a simple online shop.

You can display multiple dates and prices when you select “Tours” under the “Product Type” and “Variable Product” under “Product Data”.

The dates are the variation type and you can only use dates as your attributes and its variations to create the variations of “Dates and Prices”. You can NOT use this for other types of product data.

As shown in the screenshot above, you can separate multiple attributes with | symbol. And note that this will not be visible in the tour detail page, this is for reference and will be appended to the cart page only.

When you are creating the attributes, you can use a date range or other specific term which would reference to your date variations, like the # of days. But regardless of what attribute name you give here, it will only take “Start Date” and “Returning Date” as its data from variations in backend and only those variations will be shown in “Dates and Prices” tab under “Package” - confirmed Dates column.

And the date variations that you create with these attributes will be shown in the frontend.

Thank you