Need help on my website

I hope I have reach a right place for help with the theme. Can someone help me to remove the errors that appear on the screenshot I have attached here

Hello Jackson, can you please provide the entrada theme version and WPBakery Composer version you are using. Ty.

Thank you vey much for your respond, I am using Version: 4.2.7 and WPBakery Composer Version 6.2.0

Hello, I have tried to access your site to look at the issue but it appears to be behind the password, as shown in screenshot. Can you please provide the wp admin login so I can have a look and let you know the cause / solution.

P.S. Please check your PM for sending the login for wordpress. Sanjeev

Hello Jackson,

Thank you for sending the wp details. Before I can actually check this, please deactivate Elementor plugin and then retry.

If the problem persists, deactivate all third party plugins other than the ones that came bundled with Entrada theme. The plugins bundled with theme are ( Contact Form 7, Customizer Import / Export, Entrada Post Type, Entrada VC Addons, Entrada WC Taxonomy, Entrada Theme Addons, Slider Revolution, WooCommerce, WPBakery Page Builder) and only these plugins should be left active.

Please check if this resolves the issue - if yes, please start activating the third party plugins you deactivated in step 4, one at a time and checking the frontend. This will help you locate the specific plugin that causes the issue you are facing. And you can leave that particular plugin deactivate, delete it or ask the plugin author for more help on that.

If the steps above doesnt resolves your issue, please leave all plugins deactivated and let me know so that I can investigate it further.


I have noticed that the plug that causing all this problem is your product “Entrada VC Addons” this is the one causing all this effect and if I deactivate it, it even make the website worse. Please take a look and let me know what can be done.

Hello Jason,

That plugin is REQUIRED for the theme and also, it supports WPBakery Plugin, and you have added a third party plugin Elementor, which the Entrada VC Addons doesnt support. So, like mentioned before - you will need to disable the Elementor plugin and activate WPBakery plugin.

Thank you

Now I have done as you have recommended but still it hasn’t solve the problem

Hi there,
I was wondering if you got my last email, if you haven’t got then it was saying as follows “Now I have done as you have recommended but still it hasn’t solve the problem”
Looking forward to hear from you soon.


If you need help with the theme, please respect your own time and mine as well.

Providing me access that doesnt allow me to see the “PLUGIN” or the “APPEARANCE” links on your wp-admin is barely going to let me look into anything.

Refresh it again please

Hello, there are too many plugins that could be conflicting with the theme. Please follow steps mentioned in this article:

to resolve the issue. If you need any further help after you have followed the steps mentioned, please let me know and I will be happy to help you further.

Thank you.

Hi Sanjeev,
Been a while and I hope you are doing good so far!
Sorry for the short call or message… I wanted to ask for your help and I have sent a new thing I would like you guys to help me, please!
I am not sure if I have submitted it in a right place but if not and I need to paste it here I can do that as well, you can just tell me what’s right away.
Here is the link for my new quest

Looking forward to hearing from you soon